Since the autumn of 2018 volunteers have been working behind the scenes on environmental issues and initiatives in the Village. In January of 2021 Go Green Morton Grove was officially founded. Formerly known as the Sustainability Action Group, Go Green Morton Grove changed our name and launched our new website in August of 2021. We are an all-volunteer group, advocating for environmental stewardship and sustainability in Morton Grove, IL.


Go Green Morton Grove is a member of the larger regional network of Go Green groups, through Go Green Illinois. As a member organization we support collaborative environmental justice efforts across the region and state. Go Green Illinois holds regular meetings that are open to the public. The meetings are informative and timely, covering in-depth topics related to environmental justice and are a great way to meet other environmental enthusiasts and advocates in the area.

Current Work

Go Green Morton Grove holds regular meetings and hosts events related to the environment. All meetings and events are open to all, and we always encourage you to get involved. From composting to native plants for your garden, to green energy initiatives - Go Green Morton Grove wants to support you in making an impact to fight climate change. The group works on sustainability efforts both within and beyond Morton Grove by tracking Village efforts on sustainability, regional initiatives focused on environmental justice, and regularly coming together for workdays and information sessions focused on helping us all live a little more green.

Go Green + You

There are many great ways to get involved in environmental work. From attending regular meetings of both Go Green Morton Grove to the Environment and Natural Resources Commission in the Village, to advocacy outside our Village, there are so many ways YOU can make an impact and help the environment.

Want more information or have a question? Please contact us: